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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Monument for Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Peter's Island, Biel, Switzerland


  • 1712-06-28: Jean-Jacques Rousseau is born in Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1741 - 1765: Rousseau stays in Paris
  • 1765: The Archbishop of Paris condemns Rousseau's writings, the philosopher is forced to flee and returns to Switzerland where he finds refuge on St. Peter Island, Lake of Biel
  • 1767 - 1767: Rousseau is a guest of David Humes in England
  • 1778-07-02: Rousseau dies in Ermenonville, Oise, France

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, though of Swiss origin, is often regarded as a French philosopher because he spent most of his life in France. Rousseau was one of the famous philosophers of the Age of Enlightment.

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